Parallel Virtual File System Scalability and High Performance, by Design.


Documentation for Administrators

PVFS Install Guide [HTML] [PDF]
Provides information on installation and deployment of PVFS.
PVFS High Availability Guide [HTML] [PDF]
Provides guidelines on integrating PVFS with standard, freely-available, linux HA tools to provide a fault tolerant PVFS deployment.
PVFS Config File Options [HTML]
Provides descriptions of each of the PVFS config file options with examples and usage scenarious.

Documentation for Developers

PVFS Developer's Guide [HTML] [PDF]
The development guide describes the architecture of PVFS, some of the design principles, and the layout of the source code.
PVFS Source Documentation [HTML]
The source documentation gives an in-depth description of the PVFS components, with function and file documentation generated directly from the source code.

These documents can also be found in the PVFS source package, in the "doc" subdirectory.



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