Avaya VoIP Review

You have probably heard of Cisco. They are a leading manufacturer of VoIP products. As VoIP technology becomes more popular, the VoIP industry expands. We can now find many other manufacturers that provide VoIP solutions. Avaya has stepped up and made a big name for itself in the VoIP market. As we take a look at some of the VoIP products they offer, we find out what Avaya brings to the table in this VoIP review.


With tens of thousands of employees, Avaya is not a small company by any means. If you haven’t heard of them, get to know them because as VoIP continues to gain momentum, so will they. Since emerging from Lucent Technologies nearly a decade ago, their headquarters remain in the U.S. although many of their products are made and sold outside the U.S.

While Avaya offers many different products, their VoIP telecommunications equipment has become a big ticket item. The Avaya/Lucent 6408D+ Digital VoIP Phone is a popular model because it has the ability to send and receive VoIP calls while remaining affordable to the average customer. Used Avaya phones can be found selling in equal to new condition with a lifetime warranty for under $200. While sporting most of the ordinary call features that standard phones offer, the 6408D+ has 8 programmable call feature buttons. You can page an entire group of people from this phone so messages can be heard by everyone at the same time. The user can route a second call through while remaining on the first call. The built-in 2 way speakerphone provides hands free calling capabilities. The LCD screen makes it easy to identify incoming and outgoing caller information. Other soft keys provide access to more calling features. For just over $200 you can upgrade to the Avaya/Lucent 8401D Digital VoIP phone which provides a few more technology features and programmable options.

While offering simple VoIP handsets, Avaya also offers state of the art technology to meet the growing demands of enterprise class businesses. Operating faster, and more efficiently, the Avaya S8730 Media Server utilizes a more powerful processor and boasts greater storage capacity. It can support up to 36,000 stations, 44,000 ports, 16,000 IP endpoints and 8,000 trunks. Avaya offers the server in two configurations which alters the distance two of the servers can be placed away from each other as well as how many on peak calls they can handle.