Comcast VoIP Review

We currently use Comcast voice over IP home phone service and have for over three years. We were a little reluctant to sign up for this service at first, but after reading a voip review we realized that at the price offered to purchase it along with our cable and internet service, this was worth a try.

We have been very satisfied with this service and would recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing. The call clarity is just as good as the company advertised and the features that come with it are great as well. We get free long distance to anywhere in the continental U.S., free caller id, and free voicemail included with our service.

The long distance is a great feature for when we need to call family and friends and want the reliability missing from our cell phone service. We make frequent calls, and as I stated before, the clarity and reliability is great. We also love the caller id feature. Not only is the caller id like traditional phone service, but we have it set up to show up on our television screen so we do not have to get up to see who is calling while watching our favorite TV shows. This feature can also be easily turned off if this is not an option you think you would like.

The voicemail on Comcast that we receive is also a great feature. We don’t have to worry about the aggravation of a traditional answering machine to receive our calls that we do not want to take or calls that we receive when we are not at home. We only have to set it up once, and it continues to capture any messages, and it is very easy to use. This technology is truly amazing and a very great idea that telecommunication companies have developed and started offering.

Now that we have experienced the reliability and convenience of voice over IP, we would never go back to traditional assigned cable pair phone service. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone thinking about changing their existing service, or looking to choosing a service for the first time. We have been very pleased with our service, and we are sure that other people will be pleased as well.

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