Remote Session: What is Glance Intuit? is the website that hosts the download file for the Glance Intuit remote screen sharing application offered in Intuit. Glance Intuit allows for screen sharing support services for users of QuickBooks Online and the ProConnect Tax Online service for tax professionals. If you’re in need of help with features of either of these products you can download Glance at and then make a phone call to Intuit’s customer service, request the department that handles Glance screen sharing and get connected with a live agent by giving them the code to allows them to join your remote session. Once connected the agent with be able to see your screen and even control you mouse if you want them to.

Our Help Guide to Using Glance Intuit

When is comes to support with a complicated interface such as QuickBooks or ProConnect the advantages of a live remote session through are obvious. No longer are you stuck trying to explain your problem over the phone and no longer is the agent stuck trying to guess what you are talking about. Instead with Glance Intuit they can see your screen and tell you exactly what you need to do to slow the problem you are experiencing or point out how to use a specific feature. And as mentioned above they can even control your mouse to complete the task for you or show you a feature.

Intuit has found that Glance Intuit definitively reduces support times and increases customer satisfaction, something that major software company’s have been struggling to do in the 21st century.


How to Download Glance Intuit?

Downloading the software is incredibly simple. Just visit and your download will begin automatically and it should take less than 30 second. Once downloaded you con find the GlanceGuestSetup.exe file wherever your downloads are set to go to.

Just double click the file an follow the Windows prompts to complete installation.

How to Start a Remote Session?

Starting a remote session is again extremely simple. After downloading and installing the software you’ll need to call either QuickBooks support or ProConnect support and ask for the department that provides remote support.

Once on the phone with an agent they will direct you to visit

From there you’ll need to click on the “having trouble” link near the bottom. Then look for the link to start Glance. Clicking the link will launch Glance Intuit on your computer.

Just provide the agent with the 5 digit code you see on your screen and that will allow them to connect to your computer remotely.


What is Remote Screen Sharing?

Remote screen sharing is a common way that software companies provide support to their customers. A remote session allows the company agent to see your computer screen and even take over control of your mouse if you would like.


Can I Get Remote Support on My Cell Phone?

No, GlanceIntuit does not work with mobiles phones yet so you will need to be on a desktop computer to get support.


Does Glance Intuit work with a Mac?

Yes the application should work just fine with a MacBook laptop or iMac desktop computer.


Does Intuit Offer Live Screen Sharing Support for TurboTax Users?

Yes, but you’ll need to download the TurboTaxShare remote screen sharing application. Otherwise the application works exactly the same and looks almost exactly the same, you’ll just need to call a different department at Intuit to get connected with a TurboTax expert.

Further Support

If this short review wasn’t detailed enough for you and you still have more questions you can visit Glance’s getting started guide, ask questions in the QuickBooks Community forums or contact Intuit for further support through the following channels:



Glance Intuit has been and continues to be a huge success for Intuit and their customers alike, greatly improving customer satisfaction and significantly reducing support times meaning customers like you are on hold for less time waiting for help. Try it today if you’re experiencing issues with your intuit product.