VanillaGift Activate: How to Activate Your Vanilla Gift Card?


Whether you’ve got a child who no longer wants a pile of presents and prefers to shop on their own or you want to send a gift to friends far away and the cost of postage is simply too much, a Vanilla gift card is a great choice that keeps everyone happy. Vanilla gift cards are issued by both Visa and Mastercard and operate on a preloaded basis so the customer can enjoy access to the cash to spend at their favorite retailer. 


Vanilla Gift Card Activation

Understanding how to activate a Vanilla gift card is important so you can easily access the balance and use the money however you wish. Read below for our Vanilla card activation guide.


Online Activation


Visiting will take you to the Vanilla Gift Card homepage where you can explore everything there is to know about the cards and how to use them. You do not usually have to activate Vanilla gift card but this will be the case if you have a replacement card. With a replacement card you need to visit where you will be prompted to activate your replacement card by entering:

  1.   Your new card number
  2.   Expiration date
  3.   CVV security code

Once you’ve entered this your new card is ready to use and you can view your balance too. Once you know how to activate a Vanilla gift card you can enjoy the cash at a wide range of stores around the country.


Phone Activation

If you don’t want to activate your card online you can activate it by calling the number found on the back of your card. If your card is already activated the phone line or agent will notify you that you can begin using your card. You will be required to provide your full card number, expiration date and security code found on the back of your car.d.


Activation Video

Vanilla Gift Card Tips & Tricks


If you’ve never received a Vanilla gift card before then it’s understandable to have questions and we’re looking at how to get the most from your card here.


Where Can I Use My Vanilla Gift Card?

You can use a Vanilla gift card anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted across the country. The cards cannot be used for recurring bills or to withdraw money at ATMs. They can be used effectively online and in-store, but you cannot use a virtual gift card in instances where a physical card is required.


How Long Will It Take For The Gift Card To Arrive?

Delivery time for Vanilla gift cards is linked to your choice of shipping method. The company offer Rush (2-3 business days), Expedited (3-4 business days) and Standard (5-6 business days). Some of the shipping methods also offer a tracking feature so you can see the progress of your order.

When you opt to buy an e-gift card it will usually be available within one hour but it can take up to 24 hours.


How Do I Contact Customer Services About My Vanilla Gift Card?

You can contact the Vanilla Gift Card customer services team on 1-833-322-6760 where they will be able to answer any questions regarding existing card purchases.


Enjoy Your Vanilla Gift Card Today

Vanilla Gift Cards are a great treat when you’re not sure what to give someone as a gift and they can also be an effective way of managing your money if you want to spend it on a particular event or occasion. You can view your card balance and find out more about using your card on the Vanilla Gift Card website at .