How to Activate Your New Aviator Mastercard?

Frequent flyers and travel lovers are missing a trick if they don’t opt for a travel rewards credit card. American Airlines Aviator Mastercard options are a great choice for people who love to travel and want to earn something back from their spending. Travel credit cards like the Aviator range offer travel rewards and benefits every time you use the card. Once you’ve applied and been approved for your preferred card simply wait for it to arrive, activate the Aviator credit card and begin reaping those rewards.



Simple Steps to Activate My Aviator Mastercard

There are several Aviator Mastercard options. Once you have selected and got approval for your preferred card you need to wait for it to arrive then you can begin the activation process. There are two ways to activate your Aviator card, online and by phone.


Activate Aviator Credit Card Online

To activate your card online you will need to have an online account. This is easy to sign up for and you will need to provide basic verification information including your name, card number, social security number and date of birth. Once you have online access you can activate your new card by visiting Next, click “Activate my card now” and you will need to enter your security information again, including the last four digits of your social security number and your date of birth. You will also need to enter your new card’s security code and the form will also ask for your occupation and whether you are a US citizen. Once all questions are complete you will be activate for use.


Activate Aviator Credit Card By Phone

Activating your card by phone involves providing the same security and card information. Call 1-877-408-8866 and follow the instructions provided by the team. You will need to verify your identity and also provide your card number and security code.


Aviator Mastercard Rewards & FAQs

Aviator Mastercard customers can benefit from picking up specialized points and rewards for American Airlines flights, products and services. As you get used to using your card you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Aviator credit cards.



How Do I Login to My Aviator Mastercard Online?

You can setup an online account via the website. The cards are issued and managed by Barclays Bank so you can also utilize the Barclaycard app to manage your card, make payments and track your spending and rewards.


Can I Use My New Aviator Mastercard With My Digital Wallet?

Aviator Mastercard services allow for the use of the most common digital wallets. If you have a compatible smartphone you can download Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and add your new Aviator card to your digital wallet for quick and secure payments.


How Do I Contact The Customer Services Team For My Aviator Credit Card?

You can easily get in touch with the customer service team with any question within your online account. You can send a secure message when you are logged in and the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can contact the customer services team by calling 1-866-928-3075 or the number found on the back of your card.


Activate Your New Aviator Mastercard Today

Picking up extra perks for your next vacation every time you spend is easy with your new Aviator Mastercard. It should arrive quite quickly after approval and you can simply visit to activate the card and begin enjoying all of its benefits.