NetSpendAllAccess Activate Card+ NetSpend FAQs


The NetSpend All Access card is a reloadable debit card account that allows you have to your salary direct deposited to your NetSpend account. Your card is attached to your personal NetSpend account allowing you to use and access your funds anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted including retailers and ATMs. You can also view and manage all account activity through the NetSpend online portal or the NetSpend App. The NetSpendAllAccess card is a suitable alternative to a bank account and in many ways works the same as a checking account, albeit with some minor differences such as no checking writing and various differences in fees.

If you recently signed up for NetSpend All Access debit card you’ll need to make a deposit into your account (or sign up for direct deposit with your employer and wait for your first payday) and activate your card before being able to access any funds in your account.


In this guide we have covered details regarding the activation process and some common questions about the card.


Activating Your NetSpend Card at the  NetSpendAllAccess Website

Like most credit and debit cards, activation is simple and can be done either over the phone or online. We suggest activating online since you can activate your card and get setup with online access at the same time. If you choose to activate your card by phone you will then have to follow most of the online activation steps on the registration page in order to setup online access so you can manage your account, view all account activity, check your available balance, make mobile deposits and more.


How to Activate Your NetSpend All Access Card Online?

Activating your card online is the quickest and most straightforward option for getting access to your funds. Just visit or and enter your full card number along with the security code found on the back of your card and continue to the next step.


On the next screen you will be required to provide your full name and email address along with choosing a user name and password for accessing and managing your online account. Once you have entered the requested information click continue and follow the prompts for ID verification and any other steps in order to finishing activating your card and signing up for online access.


How to Activate Your NetSpend All Access Card By Phone?

Activating your NetSpend card over the phone is just as simple as activating it online, however after activation you will need to complete other steps in order to sign up for online access to manage your account through the NetSpend website and with the NetSpend app.

To activate your card by phone just call 1-866-647-6929 and enter your full card number or social security number. The automated system will lookup your account and give you the option to activate your card if it is not activated yet. You will need to enter your full card number in this step if you looked up your account by your social security number. Then just follow the prompts to finish up activation.


NetSpend All Access Card FAQs

The NetSepndAllAccess card is a great option for those who are looking for an alternative to a traditional bank account. The fees are reasonable and you can setup direct deposit with your employer and get paid up to 2 days early. You can also have your tax refund, social security payments and other government benefits directed deposited just as if you had a normal checking account. With this card you can also withdraw money from partner ATMs with no fee.


How can I signup for the NetSpend All Access Card?

Just visit or signup by calling 1-866-647-6929 and requesting a signup link to be sent to your phone.


Am I protected from fraudulent charges?

NetSpend offers Zero Liability Protection in most circumstances.


How do cancel my card and request a new one if my card is lost or stolen?

Through the NetSpend app, the online portal or by calling 1-866-647-6929 and following the automated prompts you can cancel your card and request a new one. If you do not have your card number because it is lost, stolen, damaged or never received you will have to enter your social security number over the automated system for NetSpend to locate your account.


Can I get my balance refunded if I no longer want to use my NetSpend account?

Yes, just call 1-866-647-6929. Press * for more options and then press 2 to request a refund.

An alternative option is to remove direct deposit and simply spend the rest of the funds in your account and then call NetSpend to close your account.

*If you do not plan to use your card in the future you’ll want to be sure to close your account just to be certain that you aren’t charged any fees in the future and left with a negative balance.


Can my government benefits be direct deposited to my NetSpend All Access Account?

Yes, the process for having your government benefits setup with direct deposit is the same a setting it up with any employer. Follow the steps in your online account to setup direct deposit.


Can I reload my card outside of direct deposits?

Just visit the NetSpend reload location finder to find a Western Union or ATMs where you can deposit money to your account. The reload fee is typically $3.95 but it can vary depending on location. You can also reload your account with checks via mobile deposit with the NetSpend app.


Does the NetSpend All Access Card Offer Rewards?

While earning rewards is extremely limited you can signup for an optional Payback Rewards program and earn cashback on qualifying purchases.