PCFinancial ca Activate: How to Activate PC Financial Credit Card?

The President’s Choice PC Financial Mastercard is a popular and easy-to-use choice for Canadians looking for a reliable credit card with the ability to earn rewards. Every dollar you spend using your PC Financial credit card earns you PC Optimum points to spend. There is no annual fee with the PC Financial card, so once you’ve applied and your card has arrived in the mail, it’s time to get that card activated.

Read our independent 3rd party guide below, which is designed to help you get your PC Mastercard activated quickly and easily.


Guide to Activating the PC Mastercard Online

Activating your PC Financial credit card is easy, and as soon as it’s active, you can begin using your new credit card and earning points. You can activate your card in a number of ways, and PC Financial has an app to make it easy to manage your account once signed up and activated.


Activating Your PC Financial Card Online

To activate your PC Financial card or PC Money card, you need to have an online account at pcfinancial.ca. It is quick and easy to set up your account, and then you are ready when your card arrives. You can activate your PC Financial card via their website or via their downloadable app.

To use the website, visit pcfinancial.ca/activate and follow the simple steps:

  1.     Click “Accounts & Cards”
  2.     Choose the “Cards” tab
  3.     Pick the card you need to active
  4.     Click “Activate Now”
  5.     Answer the on-screen questions and input your activation code from the sticker on your card

Note: If you lose your card, then you may need to activate a replacement card, and this process differs slightly. If you’ve received a new card because your current card is expiring soon or was reported lost or stolen, then you have to confirm or update your PIN via the PC Financial website or on their app.


Activating Your PC Financial Card Via the PC Financial App

Alternatively, you can download the PC Financial Mobile app and follow the same process using the navigation features within the app. The app is available on almost all devices and can also be used to manage your account once the card is active.


Activating Your PC Financial Card By Telephone

If the online methods are not working for you, then you can complete the activation process by contacting customer services via telephone. Contact PC Financial at 1 (866) 246-7262, and you will be able to quickly complete the activation process. You will need to provide several verification details to help confirm your identity, and the customer services team will also be able to help you set up your online account if you wish.


PC Financial Credit Card & PC Money Card FAQs

A PC Financial credit card is a popular choice across Canada, as you can earn points every time you use your card. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about PC Financial and their Mastercard.


Where can I learn more about the PC Financial Mastercard?

For all detail regarding this credit card we suggest you read the PC Mastercard Cardholder Agreement.


Does the PC Financial Credit Card Have an Annual Fee?

No, there is no annual fee associated with this credit card!


How Do I Use The PC Financial App?

You can download the PC Financial Mobile App to your mobile device or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can sign in using your regular login details. If your device is not supported by the app then you will need to use secure.pcfinancial.ca.


What Is The PC Optimum Program?

The PC Optimum program is a loyalty program that lets you earn points on items you buy at participating stores. When you activate your PC Financial Mastercard you’ll begin earning PC Optimum points on all purchases.

You can check your PC Optimum points balance via your online account and on the app.


How Do I Get In Touch With the PC Financial Support Team?

You can easily access support and customer services via your PC Financial Online Account. Both the website and app have a “Support” button which will lead you quickly to customer support. The company also operates a 24/7 Chatbot.

You can also email them on: [email protected] or contact them by toll-free telephone line on 1 866 246 7262.

Finally you may contact the company by mail at the following address:

President’s Choice Financial Mastercard
PO Box 4403, Station A
Toronto, ON
M5W 5Y4


What is a PC Money Account and PC Money Card?

The PC Money card works exactly the same as the PC Financial Mastercard in regards to activation and the earning of rewards. However it is not a credit card but rather it is connected to your PC Money Account and works similar to a checking account with a debit card. Just deposit funds and you can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted!


Activate Your PC Financial Mastercard Today

Building up rewards points every time you use your credit card or PC Money card is a great bonus offered by PC Financial. Once you have signed up for your card and it arrives in the mail, visit pcfinancial.ca/activate and begin using it within minutes.

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