How to Activate Your New RBC Credit Card?

Royal Bank of Canada, or RBC, is one of the leading financial institutions in Canada and across North America. They operate internationally providing personal and commercial banking as well as additional financial services. Whether you already have an RBC bank account or are approaching them simply for a credit card, there are plenty of options available. Once you have chosen and been approved for your preferred credit card and it has arrived in the mail, it’s time to start the RBC credit card activation process. We’re looking at this in more depth below.



Step-by-Step Guide To Activate RBC Bank Credit Cards

RBC offers over 20 different credit cards, many offering a range of rewards. Once you’ve selected and been approved by your chosen card, you need to wait for it to arrive and then you can begin the activation process. There are two ways to activate your card and each one ensures you can quickly put your card to use and begin enjoying the benefits it offers.


Activate the RBC Credit Card Online

Most customers choose to activate their new RBC credit card online and this is possible in two ways. If you have access to RBC online banking you can sign in using your username and password. You can select your credit card on the Accounts Summary page and follow the “Activate My Credit Card” instructions on screen.

If you don’t yet have access to online banking then you need to visit and follow the on-screen prompts. These will include entering your card number and also some personal identification information to confirm you are the cardholder.


Activate the RBC Credit Card By Phone

If you would prefer to activate your credit card over the phone then you need to call 1 (877) 900-5900. You will be asked a few confirmation questions including the card number and 3-digit security number from the back of your card.



RBC Credit Card & Banking FAQs

While you’re waiting for your RBC credit card to arrive or even once activated, you may have some questions. Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions for you.


Can I Use My Card Before It Arrives In The Mail?

You can utilize your new card through Apple Pay or your chosen digital wallet if you are registered for online banking with RBC. You will also need to download the RBC Mobile App and will need to sign in using your username and password. If you are eligible after approval for your credit card you will be able to add your new card to Apple Pay within 48 hours.


What Kind Of Benefits Do You Get From Your Credit Card?

There are a range of credit cards available from RBC. You can choose from travel, cash back, rewards, low interest, student and no annual fee, depending on what benefits are most suitable for your needs.


How Do I Contact the RBC Customer Services Team?

You can get in touch with the RBC customer services team in several ways. For general inquiries you can email them directly at: [email protected] or to contact them over the phone call 1-800-661-1275.


Activate the RBC Bank Credit Card Today

RBC offers a wide range of credit cards, which should mean you can find the right card for your needs. Once you’ve selected the card that best suits your requirements, it won’t be long before it arrives in the mail. Once you’ve got hold of it, you can easily activate it online at or over the phone by following the steps above.