How to Activate Your Scotiabank Credit or Debit Card?

Activating your new Scotiabank credit card or Scotiacard debit card is an essential step to start using your new card and enjoying the benefits that Scotiabank offers its customers.


Scotiabank is a leading financial institution in Canada, offering a wide range of banking products and services. With a rich history spanning over 180 years, Scotiabank has built a reputation for its commitment to customer service and innovation. Please note that Scotiabank serves Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

Guide to Activating Any Scotiabank Debit or Credit Card

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of activating any Scotiabank credit card whether it be one of the popular Scene cards from Visa or American Express or one of their Mastercard credit cards. We have also covered the steps for activating a new Scotiacard debit card if you’re a new Scotiabank banking customer. Discover the ease and convenience of activating your card and start enjoying the perks of being a Scotiabank customer.


Activating Your New Scotiabank Credit Card 

To activate your Scotiabank credit card, you have two convenient options including online activation or phone activation. Below we have addressed the steps for activating using each method.


ScotiaBank Credit Card Online Activation (Visa & Amex only)

1. Visit the Scotiabank activation page at
2. Answer the onscreen yes or no question about whether your are Scotiabank customer with online access or not.
3. If you answered no you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll need to enter your full card number or Scotialine number and advanced to the next step.


*Note: Per our understanding online activation is not available for Scotiabank Mastercard credit cards at this time so you’ll need to refer to phone activation below.

4. Enter your personal information as prompted which may include anything from your zip code to date of birthday, your phone number or your mothers maiden name
5. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the activation process.

*Note: If you answered Yes to the question in step 2 about having online access you’ll be prompted to login to your Scotiabank online banking portal where you can then quickly and easily activate your card by navigating to the card/activation section of your account.


ScotiaBank Credit Card Phone Activation (Visa, Amex & Mastercard)

1. Dial the correct activation number depending on the type of card you have: 1-800-806-8600 (for American Express or Visa cards) or 1-866-583-6289 (for Mastercard credit cards).
2. The automated system will ask you to enter the full card number of the card you would like to activate.
3. Once entered the system will advanced to the next step where you will need to enter your personal information.
4. Once complete follow any other prompts from the automated system to complete the activation process.

Activating Your New Scotiacard Debit Card

To activate your Scotiacard debit card, you can choose between online activation or phone activation.

ScotiaCard Online Activation

1. Visit the Scotiabank activation page at
2. Select “Scotiacard” as the card type and enter your full card number. Then click continue
3. In the next step you will be required to key in your personal information which typically includes your mothers maiden name, postal code, date of birth and home phone number.
4. Once completed advanced to the next step and follow any other prompts to complete the activation process.

ScotiaCard Phone Activation

1. Dial the Scotiabank activation number: 1-800-4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842).
2. Ask the automated system to speak with a representative.
3. Once on the phone with a representative tell them you would like to activate your Scotiacard.
4. The representative will then guide you through the activation process which may include providing your full card number and personal information.


Security Considerations

Scotiabank prioritizes the security of its cardholders during the activation process and card usage. The bank employs robust security measures, including encryption technology and multi-factor authentication, to protect your personal and financial information. Additionally, Scotiabank monitors transactions for any suspicious activity and offers 24/7 fraud protection services.

Troubleshooting Card Activation

If you happen to encounter any issues while activating your card here are some troubleshooting solutions:

1. Double-check that the card number and personal information were entered correctly.
2. Clear your browser cache and cookies then re-attempt activation.
3. Verify that you are using the correct activation phone number for your card type.
4. Contact Scotiabank’s customer service for further assistance if needed at 1 (800) 472-6842.


Activating your Scotiabank credit card or Scotiacard debit card is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you choose online activation or phone activation, Scotiabank provides convenient options to get you started quickly. Enjoy the benefits and convenience of using your Scotiabank card, knowing that your security is a top priority. Welcome to the Scotiabank family, where banking is made easy and customer satisfaction is paramount.