How to Activate Your Wells Fargo Debit Card?


Wells Fargo is one of America’s leading bank and financial services company, serving approximately one in three households across the US and many businesses too. Signing up for a bank account with Wells Fargo is easy and very soon your debit card will automatically arrive in the mail. To use your new debit card you need to go through the Wells Fargo card activation process and there are a range of ways to do this discussed in more depth below.


Activate Wells Fargo Card With These Steps

To activate your new Wells Fargo debit card in three different ways. You can do it online, by phone or activate your card in person at any of the Wells Fargo ATMs around the country.  Follow one of the three methods detailed below to begin using your new debit card right away.


Activating Your Wells Fargo Card Online


To activate your Wells Fargo debit card online you will need to visit or use the Wells Fargo Mobile app. You can download the app on both iOS and Android devices.

You will need to sign up for a Wells Fargo online banking account and then you will be able to follow the online instructions to activate your card and begin using it.  The process only takes a few short minutes and you’ll be able to use your card to pay bills, pay in stores and manage your account from Wells Fargo Branches or any Wells Fargo ATM.


Activating Your Wells Fargo Card By Phone

If you do not want to use the app or online banking website, you can activate your Wells Fargo debit card via telephone. You can call them directly on 1-877-294-6933 and the activation process is quick and easy to follow.


Activating Your Debit Card at a Wells Fargo ATM


To activate your Wells Fargo debit card at an ATM you’ll need to wait for your ATM PIN to arrive separately in the mail from your debit card. Once your PIN arrives you can activate your card by inserting your debit card and entering your PIN at any of the 12,000 Wells Fargo ATMs around the country.


Wells Fargo Debit Card FAQs

Once you’ve opened your Wells Fargo account, you’ll understandably want to find out all you can about your new debit card and how to use it effectively. Read below for common questions new Wells Fargo debit card holders have.


When Will My Debit Card and PIN Arrive?

Whether you’re receiving your first or replacement card it should arrive within 5 to 7 calendar days. PIN numbers usually arrive a couple of days after the new card and replacement cards do not require a new PIN unless you have requested one.


Can I Use a Digital Wallet With My Wells Fargo Card?

Wells Fargo supports a range of different digital wallets for customers with compatible smartphones. Wells Fargo supports Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


How Do I Get In Touch With the Wells Fargo Customer Service Team?

Wells Fargo has a range of phone numbers for different queries. Their general banking line is available 24/7 on 1-800-869-3557. You can also get in contact with their Social Care Support team via Twitter or Facebook.


Activate Your Wells Fargo Card Today

Wells Fargo has a great reputation across the country, ensuring many households can easily access their money, pay their bills and utilize their bank account as they need. Wells Fargo offers an easy-to-use and easy to manage account and once you’re signed up for online banking. Once your card arrives in the mail and you can start the Wells Fargo debit card activation process at, by using the Wells Fargo App, by phone or at any Wells Fargo ATM.