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Pet care expenses are a necessary part of owning a beloved fur-baby. Would it be great to find a way to put a little bit of your expense money back into your pocket?

The good news is, the Elanco Animal Health company wants to offer you a rebate on the money you spend on your pet’s medications.

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According to a recent report, pet owners can spend a minimum of $1500 a year on the maintenance of their dogs. That cost can rocket up to $10,000 a year, depending upon the breed and the health of the dog.

Of course, if you’re a dog owner who has decided to start from ground zero in raising a dog, you’ll have the costs associated with purchasing or adopting your dog. Even if you decide to take a shelter dog, then you’ll still have the costs of filing the appropriate paperwork.

And any puppy or adult dog you bring into your family will require a handful of veterinarian visits, especially during the first year or two — and that’s if the dog is healthy.

Assuming that you don’t have to blow your budget on veterinarian and health care costs, there’s the incidental costs of feeding your pet, grooming it, entertaining it (with toys), and in some instances, checking your pet into an overnight pet hotel.

And if your pet is a puppy or an adult with behavioral issues, then you’ll have to pay for training and socialization classes. It’s enough to make you wince at the thought of the financial burden of owning a pet, regardless of how much you may love it.

This is why it’s crucial for pet owners like you to search for ways to make your dollars and cents stretch. Neglecting the care and maintenance of your beloved pet isn’t an option, but there are options available to you that will allow you to save money.

You can claim your Elanco rebates. Rebates are cash rewards that product manufacturers offer to consumers like you as a reward for buying specified products. Companies reward consumers because specified product sales allow the companies to realize their sales goals.

What type of savings can you claim with Elanco Rebates Program?

When you buy products such as medications for your pets (coupons for medications to treat ailments such as heartworm or parasites – fleas and even ticks), then depending upon what you’ve purchased, you can submit a claim for Elancorebates. Keep in mind that these pet rebates are based in a variety of medical products for pets.

You don’t have to worry about not qualifying if you own a cat instead of a dog, for example. Cat medical care is also covered, and it qualifies. But be sure to check the terms and conditions page to make sure that you’ve actually purchased a product that qualifies for the rebate award. Not all of the products that Elanco manufactures will qualify.

Specifics on claiming your Elanco Rebate

Elanco Rebate Center Products

When you go to, you’ll see a window on the right side of the screen. Follow those directions. At the top of the screen, you’ll see tabs that will lead you to section such as FAQ, tracking, contact us, and card balance.

FAQ is where you’re going to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. You’ll also find answers for how to resolve the most common issues that arise. The tracking section allows you to track the status of your rebate delivery.

The card balance section allows you to your Elancorewardbalance.  In other words, you’ll receive a spending card instead of a paper check. The contact us section is self-explanatory.

If you’ve followed all of the rules and the steps correctly, then you can expect to receive your reward in the mail within 6-8 weeks. But if you haven’t received it, then you should contact the customer service team.

Finally, it cannot be stated enough how important it is for you to consult the terms and conditions section. You won’t receive your pet reward if you get any of the steps wrong, or if you leave any correct documentation out.