ITP vs. Phone Power Comparison


What service to choose when selecting a VoIP service, you may ask? According to my VoIP review, there are two companies who both got a five star out of five: ITP, and Phone Power.

Signing up for ITP, you are eligible for two months free, pay monthly (leaving you paying $199 a yr), and a free calling card. ITP has several pricing plans available,a few of those would be: Unlimited for $19.99 monthly, 500 minutes for $9.99 monthly, or International for $24.99 monthly. There are still many more to suit your needs, if none of those work for you.

Signing up for Phone Power, you are eligible for 60 minutes International talk time free,second phone line free, and a rate of $199.95 for two years. At Phone Power, their is also several plans available, a few of those allow you to pay a rate of 19.95 monthly for unlimited service, or you can get the two years, and pay $199.95. That leaves you paying for the first year, and getting the second year free, as a promotion that is going on for a short period of time.


When choosing between two companies that have the same rating, you may want to consider a variety of things. For example, ITP’s saving does not have to be prepay-ed, you get month one, and twelve for free, and pay $19.99 a month, for the months in between. You also have the advantage to enjoy their services and then pay, if you are not satisfied, cancel at anytime, with no fee! No need in worrying if the company you have prepaid,is going to go out of business, and leave you without telephone, and the money you had paid.

There is also a good side to prepaying, if you feel you trust that the company will in business for the time you will want VoIP. You will not have to worry about a bill throughout the month, as you have already paid, and got a one time low rate, instead of a higher monthly payment. You may also want to look into the ways of contacting the service provider.

For example, Phone Power has not only ways to contact them through telephone, and email, but you can contact them through a online based one on one chat, where you can discuss billing & sales, or tech support. As to ITP allows email, or telephone contact. After considering your options carefully, you have two highly rated companies who both likely deserve your business, the hard part will be picking which company.