Lingo VoIP Phone Service Review

I was a Lingo customer for three years. They offered attractive international packages at amazing prices, cheaper then any other VOIP Phone Systems they were competing with at the time. I chose them after reading a VoIP review in an electronic magazine.


Within a year customer services had moved to Canada and the price went up but the Canadian customer service was also very strong. I had occasion to call them to hard reset my modem a couple of times due to cable or power outages which would throw the lingo box out and burnt out one of the ports as well. They were patient knowledgeable; taught me things I could do on my own to avoid customer service and succinct.

The actual VoIP phone services was good the phone line was clear and worked as if it was a real phone line with the exception of when the cable was acting up. About a year after this the price went up dramatically, customer service was moved offshore to India and Lingo became part of the problem instead of the wonderful solution it had been for two years prior.


The customer service agents were no longer free thinking technically apt English speakers but Indian script readers who were confused and bewildered if you tried to take them off topic or expressed any urgency or disinterest in going through the troubleshooting routine they were trained to do because you had already done it.

The modem completely burnt out and I had to fight with them to get another one sent out; it took an hour and fifteen minutes. The quality of the phone line seemed to waver a lot after the offshore move as well. I would dial a number and get a recording or an instant busy signal as if the number was out of order which was not the case as I would call the number on my cell phone and it work.

I started only using the line for incoming calls and buzzer phone calls. After many attempts at dealing with the customer service department and the line consistently deteriorating while prices were being raised again I gave up and closed my account with them and solely used my cell phone from then on.