What is a VoIP Adapter

Voice over Internet Protocol, also know as VoIP for short, is a convenient way to get telephone service if you have a high speed Internet connection available to you in your house. VoiP services are a great option because they are generally very low priced even when making international calls. In order to successfully utilize a VoIP you will need a VoIP adapter in order to get your VoIP service up and running. Thankfully most companies that over VoIP services provide an adapter. It may or may not be at additional cost.

One of the most common types of VoIP adapters are analog telephony adaptors, also known as ATA for short. You will be able to use this device to connect a certain number of phones to a digital telephone system, usually two to four phones. This means they these adaptors are perfect if you use VoIP. Since you are able to connect multiple phones to this adaptor you’ll be able to connect every single phone in your house up to one line. If you’re a business owner you may very well need to purchase multiple adapters in order to connect all your phones to a VoIP service if your business is large. However, for the general user and a small business one adapter is usually sufficient.

It is very common for analog telephony adapters to be the VoIP adapters for many companies that provide VoIP services. These adapters are used in order to allow a user to replace their traditional telephone line with a voice over IP network. Often times when receiving an adapter from any given company they are locked so they you are unable to use it with any other competing VoIP service. Usually the user is able to make miner changes to the adapter, but the amount of control given is extremely limited. In order to find VoIP adapters that are usable with any VoIP service provider you will need to search for adapters that are unlocked.

Some service providers sell these types of adapters, but because it is a competitive market usually you will only be able to purchased locked adapters. The absolute best place to purchase unlocked VoIP adapters is over the Internet. There are many reliable stores online to purchase these adapters. A quick search will probably yield hundreds of results. It is up to you, the consumer, to make the best decision about which adaptors to purchase and from what store. If you are not up for shopping online for them usually you can find adapters in retail stores.

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