VoIP Phone Service Pros & Cons

As we know, VOIP is the abbreviated form of Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is the latest technology by which an user can make the phone calls via internet instead of using traditional land line based phone calling. Since this is an accepted technology and is being used worldwide, so for sure, it has got its own advantages but at the same time there are some disadvantages also in conjunction with these advantages. So, for sure before completing reverting to this latest technology of telecommunication, which has taken the world by storm, it is advisable for the customer to have a quick glance at the pros and cons with which this latest revolution in telecommunications comes to you. So, let us take a glance at both pros and cons in successive paragraphs.


1. The very first and most important advantage of VOIP is that it costs much less in comparison to traditional phone calls as it has a flat rate charge for calling long distances whereas in traditional way, your call cost is always proportional to the distance between the caller and the receiver.
2. With VOIP, you can communicate with multiple people at anytime you want but with traditional way of telecommunication, you are limited to one call one person.
3. As VOIP incorporates both data and voice communication. So, instead of just being able to talk with the other person, you can exchange more ideas with them like sending graphics, videos etc, which again is a limitation with the traditional system of telecommunications.
4. As VoIP is internet-enabled service, so even if you change location, you do not need to change the existing number, which you have to, in case you are using the traditional system.
5. Wherever internet access is available, VOIP services can be utilized but same stand restricted in case of traditional system.

1. As VOIP is internet-enabled service, every time the internet connection cuts down, the VOIP system becomes inaccessible. So, if that is the only way of your telecommunication, in that case, it would prove dangerous in case of emergency.
2. VOIP services depends mainly on the quality of internet connection in your area as well as the power availability. So, in case the quality of internet is poor, it will led to poor VoIP conversation.
3. Since the VOIP is portable, so calls cannot be traced properly as to from where they are made.
4. Eavesdropping is another limitation of VOIP as it does not comes with conversational privacy and your calls can be overheard by somebody else.
5. Though caller ID is a built-in feature of VOIP package, but when we make calls using our VOIP connection, our number is not screened on their caller ID and is displayed as “Unknown.” So, the receiver might not be willing to attend our call.

Having said both the pros and cons of this great technology, none of us can undermine its importance in the current scenario where internet has certainly become a part and parcel of our everyday life. Check out several companies and do a thorough VoIP review before signing up. So, let us hope that soon all its disadvantages can be completely removed or at least minimized to an extent that majority of the world population can use this fascinating technological innovation.