Vonage vs. AT&T Comparison


VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service connection that uses the internet in order to connect two calling parties. To use it, a VoIP adapter and internet connection is a must. However, since almost all homes and establishment are already connected to the internet, making use of this wired connection is the backbone why VoIP calls have lower rates when compared to traditional telephones.

In the US today, many telephone and internet providers are competing with each other in getting as many homes equipped with VoIP as possible. Most of these companies offer bundle packages where internet connection and VoIP telephone connection are given for a very small fee. The top two competing companies in the US today are Vonage and AT&T. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities of what these two companies are offering in this VoIP review.

*Monthly Subscription*
Vonage offers a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 for the first 6months of signing up. Then the rate will increase to the regular fee of $25.99 a month. AT&T U-verse Voice offers their service for a monthly fee of $35. This is higher than Vonage but because of the greater service. AT&T U-verse Voice also caters mostly to small business and enterprise VoIP client.


*Minutes of Free Local and International Calls*
Vonage offers unlimited local and long distance calls to over 60 countries. AT&T U-verse Voice offers the same unlimited local and long distance call rates, but limited only to US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If the $35 per month subscription is too much for you, AT&T U-verse Voice also offers a lower rate of $25 for 250minutes long distance call to the countries mentioned above.

*Clarity of lines*
Both Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice offers clear and quality lines for your local and international calls.

*Added Service*
Added service like call waiting, voice mails and call forwarding are included on subscriptions to either of the two companies.

*Bundle Rates*
Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice both offer bundle rates, wherein special telephone features can be added to your VoIP line for a very minimal fee. For the complete bundle rates check out Vonage’s site and AT&T U-verse Voice.

*Value for Money*
If you have friends or relatives living in Asia or Europe, it is best to get Vonage VoIP subscription as they offer free calls to these areas. But if most of your calls are within North America and is thinking of putting up a small business, AT&T U-verse Voice is the best for you.