magicJack WiFi Updates Make it the Best VoIP Device Yet


Since the beginning of the magic Jack series of VoIP telephone service devices has been released, the product has revolutionized the way that people make and receive phone calls.  When the product was first released in 2007, many people were skeptical about the magic Jack’s call quality and reliability.  However, news of the high call quality and reliability that the device provided to its users quickly spread.  Soon after its release, hundreds of thousands of the magic Jack devices had been sold to people all over the United States.  For just $19.95 per year, far less than many people pay for phone service each month, the magic Jack allowed its users to make unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  There were some minor drawbacks to the original magic Jack device, though.

One of the biggest inconveniences of using the magic Jack to make and receive calls was the device’s reliance on a computer.  In order to make and receive calls, the magic Jack had to be plugged into the USB port of a computer, and the computer had to be powered on.  However, hearing the biggest concerns from their customers, VocalTec Communcations, the manufacturer of the magic Jack, helped solve this major inconvenience with its magicJack Plus.  With the magicJack Plus, users could make and receive calls without their computer being turned on.  This was accomplished with the magicJack Plus being plugged directly into the user’s high speed modem or router.  This helped the magicJack Plus’s users eliminate the need to constantly have their computer on, making communicating with friends and family much easier.  Although it was slightly more expensive than the previous magic Jack, at just $29.95 per year, the device provides high quality home phone service for much less than with traditional landline telephone companies.  VocalTec is currently in the process of preparing to release its newest VoIP product—the magicJack WiFi.


Although it is not currently released, there is a great deal of speculation about the magicJack WiFi.  Many people wonder what kinds of upgrades they should expect to find in the device, while many wonder how much the new magic Jack WiFi will cost.  There are a variety of upgrades to the new magicJack WiFi that will make the new device the easiest to use of all of the magic Jack series of devices.  First, the magicJack WiFi will feature an LCD panel, double dock DDR memory, automatic audio gain control, and a power saving sleep mode, helping make the device more energy efficient.  Installing the device is anticipated to be much easier than with previous devices.  Although installing the magic Jack original and the magicJack Plus was already very easy, the magic Jack WiFi is intended to simply plug into a power outlet and be ready to go.  The combination of these upgrades to the magic Jack WiFi will make it the fastest, most powerful magic Jack unit to date.  Many experts believe that the magic Jack WiFi will provide usefulness to business owners, as it is expected to have the power to support as many as 40 phones.

Outside of these significant upgrades, the magic Jack WiFi will likely have much in common with its forefathers.  The size will likely be about the same as previous units, at about the size of a flash drive.  Additionally, the device will still require high speed cable or DSL Internet, as well as a high speed router, in order to function.  Users should still expect to have the same great high quality phone calls using the magicJack WiFi that they experienced with previous magic Jack units.  However, with technology upgrades, and the addition of more memory, the magicJack WiFi will likely provide its users with the highest call quality available through any VoIP telephone service provider.  Furthermore, it has the potential to provide call quality that exceeds that of landline telephone service providers.  The magicJack WiFi should continue to allow users to make free local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  Also, calls back to the United States and Canada from the device should also continue to be free for its users.  Finally, it is likely the price of the magic Jack WiFi device will remain fairly constant.  If the current trend continues, the magicJack WiFi may cost its users $39.95 per year (although with efficient production of the device, the price certainly could be lower).

So when is the magic Jack WiFi scheduled to be released?  Although very few people can say for sure, the magicJack WiFi should be released in 2013, with software updates advancing it even further in 2014.


2 thoughts on “magicJack WiFi Updates Make it the Best VoIP Device Yet”

  1. I purchased my Magic Jack in 2011, intended to gift it to my daughter but she did not want it saying she’d have to keep the computer on; and I had also purchased Clear Internet service which enabled connection via Modem to an unlimited calls landline phone included in the cost of $53; so it was perfect for me at the time, cost wise. I did not like all the wires and having to unplug to resolve problems and losing phone service.

    If Magic Jack is WIFI and I have Ethernet and Airport available on my MacBook Air I should be able to use my phone wirelessly if I could know the Network name for Magic Jack to give and have my computer automatically connect to for me. I don’t have a Modem to connect to, but Ethernet is WIFI like Airport isn’t it, PLEASE tell me how to connect to it????

    I cannot figure it out? My computer will connect me if I give the Network name for Magic Jack and the password WEP or some such security it asks for. Help!

  2. Does magic jack have a program where I can call my magic number from my I phone through the network and be able to make a no charge long distance call. Similar to a walmart cell phone you purchase and then dial a 1-800 number followed by the long distance number?

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