magicJack GO Review – A New magicJack Device


One of the newest innovations from Vocaltec Communications is the magicJack GO, which provides consumers with all of the services of previous generations of the magicJack devices,  with the freedom and convenience of the new magicJack App.


magicJack has released several devices in the last few years after the success of the original magicJack. These new releases include the magicJack Plus and magicJack plus 2014. With excellent success of those new devices they have come out with a brand new fully redesigned device, the magicJack GO. The GO hits on all the major points of prior devices but includes free use of the magicJack App among other things.


The MJ GO enhances the usability of the magicJack App, by combining the convenience and usefulness of the app with the stability that is provided by home and business phone service. The magicJack GO device can be extremely useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as it provides many of the same features of a business phone plan at a fraction of the cost.


magicJack App currently has about 3.5 million active users, 60% of whom live in North America. This indicates that there is huge global use of the app, as more and more people are discovering its benefits.

The magicJack App users have primarily been drawn to the app through word of mouth, as the company has spent little on advertising the app (which is available for Apple and Android devices). However, the company plans to begin spending much more on advertising the app, which is likely to significantly increase its user base.


The magicJack GO features a simplified design, easier to use Quick Start guide (in both English and Spanish) and new packaging.


The magicJack GO includes numerous features that have been included on the magicJack PLUS and magicJack 2014. Some of these features include:

  • Free conference calling for families and businesses
  • Free magicJack-to-magicJack calls (as with other magicJack devices)
  • A single number to reach the magicJack GO device or the user’s mobile phone
  • Improved voice and call quality over what is already considered one of the best call qualities in the business (enhanced call quality was also incorporated into the magicJack PLUS and magicJack PLUS 2014)
  • More streamlined upgrade options (for purchasing additional services or international calling credits on a credit-based system that utilizes pay-per-use)
  • Messaging services


Vocaltec worked vigorously to help make the magicJack GO one of the best values on the VoIP market and in comparison to all except Ooma did they ever deliver! For the time being, the product is being sold at $59.95 for the device, its necessary components (see photo below) and one full year of service. For the last 6-8 months magicJack has been running special offers nearly all the time that lower the device to under $40,

magicJack GO

Additional years of service for the magicJack GO device cost just $35 (less than $2.92 per month) and users who want to lock in service for 5 years can be purchase a 5-year plan for just $99.75.. For users who wish to do so, six months of service can also be purchased for $20 ($3.33 per month)

This price point (especially with a full year of service included) is one that is likely to appeal to a much larger constituent than the $49.95 price of the magicJack 2014 that included only six months of service).

Where Can You Buy magicJack GO?

The magicJack GO is available from the official company website and variety of large retail stores across North America including Amazon, Wal-Mart, Radioshack and Best Buy, among many others.

Vocaltec has also been working to sell the magicJack GO device throughout Latin America and Asia.

magicJack GO BottomLine

In our opinion magicJack GO is a great product at a great price. The service works exceptionally well and provides all of the features and quality you are use to getting with your standard home phone. The difference being that you will pay under $2 per month rather than $50+. The cost is so small that you virtually eliminate your phone bill. Get the 5-year plan for $99.75 and that’s only 2 months of what you pay for your regular phone line. That’s 58 months of free calling! And not to mention it includes unlimited free long distance. Despite concerns about customer service we give a big fat thumbs up to magicJack GO or any of their other devices, especially when compared to the likes of Vonage, who offers an incredible service but at 10 times the price.. You simply can’t go wrong when you’re getting similar quality with magicJack, yet still cutting costs by 95%.



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